Theta Healing Advanced DNA 1,2

 Ever Heard of Neuro-plasticity theory!

Neuro-plasticity, refers to the science underlying the growth of our mindset. This offers some explanation to what happens in our brains/mind when we start taking charge and put our energy/grey matter to good use in positive ways.


Our brains plasticity, has the capacity to create change. You can virtually change your Blueprint DNA with Theta Healing

Using Theta healing is a great tool to release unwanted belief patterns, emotional blocks that are holding you back, or the conditioning from childhood and even physical healing can occur.

Transformational, Enlightenment to becoming the best version of you.

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Chakra Balance Assessment & Tune Up

Join me for an hour long session to align, restore and awaken your energy centers, relieving stress and tension from the body.

I use powerful affirmations, meditation with infused Reiki energy healing.

A rejuvenating tune up and assessment of your Chakra's, know where your blockages are and what to do to correct them.

You will leave feeling relaxed and balanced, with some practical skills to take home.

Deep Relaxation, Healing, Therapeutic and Aligns with  your Mind, Body & Spirit,